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Procedures & Guidelines

IUTS does not handle hazardous materials, personal mail or permit the transportation of passengers.

All materials sent through the system must be packaged and labeled clearly showing origin and destination. To ensure the safety of those who transport materials, items must not exceed 15kgs in weight and .5 cu metres in size.

Sample IUTS Mail Label

sample IUTS mail label

Fragile or breakable items must be labeled.

Non Hazardous Biological Samples (risk group class 1 according to Health Canada Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines) must be packaged in a hard shell or solid container and clearly labeled as NON HAZARDOUS LABORATORY SAMPLE.

Theses must be securely sealed in numbered containers, be identified as "THESES" and accompanied by a waybill. The waybill should specify the number of boxes and indicate the destination, e.g. Windsor University #14 and also state that the final destination is e.g. University Microfilm Inc. Michigan, USA.

Waybill Procedures

A waybill must accompany all Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items and thesis, and is an option to patrons shipping valuable or time sensitive items who may want to make use of the tracking feature.

Waybill Procedure

When accepting any items with a waybill the IUTS driver will inspect the item and confirm pick up by signing the waybill. The driver then leaves the pink copy of the waybill with the shipper as a record. Before leaving the item at the intended destination, the driver will obtain a signature from the receiver. The driver then leaves the yellow copy of the waybill with the University or institution receiving the items and retains the white copy, which is filed York University.

Waybills are available in the shipping and receiving area or the ILL office of most participating sites or by contacting Ed Griffin or John Wilson at York University, 416-736-2100, ext. 30217

Sample IUTS Waybill (4 part) Form

sample IUTS waybill form