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Mock Interviews for Academic Positions

Concurrent Sessions: STEM/Health Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences

When: 9:00am - 11:00am

Where: Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 302 (STEM), Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202 (Humanities & Social Sciences)

Presenters (STEM): Dr Kim McAuley (SGS & Chemical Engineering), Dr Sharon Regan (Biology), Dr Bahman Gharesifard (Mathematics & Statistics), Dr Jacqueline Monaghan (Biology) and interviewees - Scott Greenhalgh (post-doc), Esther Valliant (Chemical Engineering)

Presenter (Humanities & Social Sciences): Dr Marta Straznicky (SGS & English), Dr Christine Sypnowich (Philosophy), Dr Dorit Naaman (Cultural Studies) and interviewees Jamie McKenzie-Naish (Cultural Studies), Ciara Bracken-Roche (Sociology), Valerie Michaelson (post-doc)

Description: Learn how interviewing in academia is similar to and different from other job interviews. Practice a strategy for dealing with behaviour-based interview questions and staying focused when talking about your past experiences. Identify key messages about yourself that you want to convey during an often multi-day interview. Get tips on how to: prepare for the interview, develop a list of questions that reflect your interest in the position and the organization, stand out from other candidates, and demonstrate the strengths that you bring to the position. This workshop also provides students with the opportunity to observe academic interviews in action as several graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are on the job market will be interviewed for 15 minutes by faculty members acting as the hiring committee (provided with students’ CVs and cover letters in advance). Workshop facilitators will then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate's interview in discussion with workshop attendees. Attendees will gain valuable insight into the interview process and leave with practical tips and strategies for effective performance in an academic interview.

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