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What Employers want and the Employable You 

Concurrent Sessions: STEM & Health Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences

When: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Where: Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 302 (STEM),  Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202 (Humanities & Social Sciences)

Panelists (STEM):  Dr Kristina Arseneau (University Research Services), Dr Santiago Faucher (Hatch), tbd.

Panelists (Humanities & Social Sciences): Dr Sheetal Lodhia (English alum, Executive Director, IPLAI, Institute for the Public Life of Art and Ideas, McGill University), Chi Yan-Lam (Education), Linda Grussani

Moderator: Dr Kim McAuley (Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies).


Panelists will outline their own career pathway and address the following questions:  How do I begin to identify skills gained in my graduate program; How do I translate these skills into a non-academic setting?; What are employers looking for? - theory and practice; How employers hire.  Panelists will then offer some tips on how to present yourself when looking for work and highlight what employers look for when they are hiring  

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