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Post-Doctoral Training

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Support Resources for Post-Docs and their Families

  • The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is provided through Homewood Human Solutions and offers a wide range of support to all Queen’s employees and their families. Services include career counselling, legal and financial advisory services, counselling for personal challenges, nutrition counselling and more.
  • The Human Rights Office promotes human rights on campus and discusses with any member of the Queen’s community issues of harassment and discrimination affecting their ability to access the learning, working or living environment.
  • The Equity Office provides leadership, information and training on equity and diversity matters.
  • The Accessibility Hub is a central online resource for accessibility at Queen’s. It serves to elevate inclusion and improve access for everyone on our campus.
  • Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre seeks to enhance the development and well-being of the Queen's University Aboriginal Community.
  • The Queen's International Centre (QUIC) is a support service for all members of the Queen's community and through its activities promotes an internationally informed and cross-culturally sensitive learning environment. Among its services are a weekly English conversation group and regular tax workshops every spring.
  • The Coordinator for Dispute Resolution Mechanisms is the resource for information and advice on various dispute resolution processes in place at the University. 
  • The University Chaplain is a confidante and spiritual advisor to students, staff and faculty.
  • The Ban Righ Foundation carries on the tradition of encouraging women’s achievements – a tradition begun by the women who came to Queen’s University in the 1870′s and who built Ban Righ Hall in 1925.