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Bader fellowships ‘enliven’ humanities

Alfred and Isabel Bader have continually shown their generous support for Queen’s University and one of their most recent gifts is coming to fruition. The first Bader Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities have brought 11 new scholars to Queen’s starting this fall and over the next two years they will teach courses as well as pursue a research program building on their doctoral research.


Dr. Abdi Ghaffari studies the response of metastatic tumour cells to therapy using real-time live imaging techniques

Metastases are the cause of 90% of human cancer deaths and lymph node metastasis is the most important prognostic factor in the management of breast cancer patients. However, the mechanisms involved in lymph node metastasis and its response to anti-cancer therapeutics are poorly understood. Dr. Abdi Ghaffari’s research sheds light on the complex processes of lymph node metastasis using a unique real-time intravital microscopy technique developed at the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute Advanced Bioimaging facility.


Dr. Michelle North: Queen's Post-Doc Fellow Conducting Research at Harvard

Dr. Michelle North, a post-doctoral fellow in the department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen’s, is having a busy summer away from Kingston. She’s spending her days at a one of a kind lab, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with funding support provided by the Allergy, Genes and Environment Network (AllerGen). Dr. North is a visiting fellow at Harvard for the summer with Dr. Andrea Baccarelli. Dr. North has been conducting further testing and data analysis there on samples she collected at Queen’s as part of her research on the development of allergies in young children.


Dr. Kevser Aktas: The Queen of Mathematics and her Faithful Servant

Dr. Kevser Aktas is on a mission to make theoretical mathematics applicable in the lives of non-mathematicians. Although her domain of number theory is among the more abstract reaches of maths, she has innovated ways of reaching out to show people “the beauty of mathematics” at the same time as mobilizing the problem-solving skills at the heart of that beauty for an astonishing variety of aims.


Cara Yin wins National 3MT People's Choice

Congratulations to Chenman (Cara) Yin, winner of the National 3 Minute Thesis People's Choice Award. After taking a fantastic fourth place at the Ontario 3MT in April, Cara convinced voters at the national level with her presentation Seeing the world at the tip of a laser beam. In her Master of Applied Science in Physics, Yin is researching how to use lasers to cut bone and improve outcomes in brain surgery. She impressed the more than 2,000 voters with her accessible, clear – and, at times, funny presentation. It is a particularly sweet victory for the physicist who knew very little English when she arrived in Canada to do her undergraduate studies.