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Post-Doctoral Research at Queen's

Post-doctoral fellows are an integral part of the research enterprise at Queen’s. The questions you pose, the experiments you run, the problems you solve and the new ones you identify contribute to our understanding and knowledge. You are part of a vibrant research community with opportunities to work alongside many of the world’s leaders and experts.

With over 50 research groups, centres and institutes and as one of Canada’s leading research intensive universities, Queen’s provides an extraordinary breadth and depth of research areas to explore. Our creativity, discoveries, and innovations have made Queen's one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities. Renowned for fundamental advances in health care, the environment, materials, and energy, we also contribute to, and are changing public policy in, economics, law, and culture. Through our diverse programs, we are promoting social innovation, creative expression, and exploring how societies work best.

Discovering Research

What kind of research is undertaken at Queen's University?

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Dr. Chai Saegnow

Chemical Engineering: Dr. Chaimongkol Saengow
Innovating Theory

Dr. Scott Thompson

Sociology: Dr. Scott Thompson
Surveilling Stereotypes