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Post-doctoral Fellow Research Showcase & Reception 2017


Wednesday, 20 September 2017
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

University Club
168 Stuart Street

To mark Post-Doc Appreciation Week, which Queen’s celebrates along with institutions across North America, the School of Graduate Studies invites you to the Post-Doc Research Showcase and Reception at the University Club on September 20 from 5-7 pm. This event recognizes the many important contributions of post-doctoral fellows to the Queen’s research community. Post-Doctoral Fellows from various disciplines will present their work in “pecha kucha” style presentations.

DusanDr. Dusan Bucevac, Engineering Colour in Laser Light: Using Ceramic Phosphor for Laser Image Projection to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

​Dusan is a current postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering supervised by Dr. Vladimir Krstic. He received his B.Sc. and M. Sc. from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. After earning a PhD in Materials Science from Queen’s University (2010) he worked in Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2015 he has been postdoctoral fellow at Queen’s University. His research interests include development of ceramic phosphors for light conversion.

MohsenDr. Mohsen Kamandar Dezfouli, Light-matter interaction on the nanometer scale: Initiating next-generation quantum technologies for computing, communications and sensors

Mohsen is a current postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy supervised by Dr. Stephen Hughes. He received his B.Sc. from Isfahan University of Technology (Iran) followed by his M.Sc. form University of Isfahan where he worked on quantum optical description of the light-matter interaction. He then moved to Queen’s to work on quantum optics and nonlinear quantum optics in photonic crystals slabs, with applications in single-photon and entangled-photon sources. Since 2015, he has been a Post-Doctoral researcher where his current research interests include quantum light-matter interaction in plasmonic and photonics platforms.

GregDr. Greg King, Off the Beaten Path: A Canoe-Based Expedition Assessing Vegetation Change Across Treeline

Greg is a current post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Geography and Planning supervised by Dr. Ryan Danby. Greg completed a BSc in Environmental Science (2006) and an MSc in Physical Geography (2009), both from Carleton University where he fell in love with Northern Canada. After a European sojourn to earn a PhD in Climate Sciences from the University of Bern (2014), he returned to Canada and was named the Robert Gilbert Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography and Planning from July 2015- June 2017, during which he conducted the research he will speak about today. Greg will begin a position as an assistant professor of Environmental Science at the University of Alberta Augustana in January 2018.

ValDr. Valerie Michaelson, Children thriving in a complicated world: what do health sciences and religious studies research have in common?

There are many research questions that call for a consilience between disciplines, which is why Val finds it exciting to be cross-appointed between the Department of Public Health Sciences and the School of Religion. As a postdoctoral fellow at Queen’s University, her research draws together diverse topics under the wide rubrics of children's spiritual health. She explores the lived experiences of children, and ask questions about young people find ways to live well, and even to flourish, in a complicated world.

EmmaDr. Emma Peacocke, The Prince of Darkness is My Professor - University Pedagogy in Lord Byron's Cain.

Emma is a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in the English Department at Queen's, working with Professor Shelley King. Emma's current project is on Romanticism and the University. For her doctorate at Carleton University, Emma worked on Romantic-era museums in literature - you can read all about it Romanticism and the Museum (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) if you like! Emma first came to Queen's with a Bader Fellowship, and would like to take this chance to thank Dr. Alfred Bader.

Light refreshments will be served (and labeled to accommodate dietary requirements). If you have accessibility requirements, please contact Vicky Arnold at