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Physical Plant Services (PPS)

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E-Waste/Equipment Pickup Request

Electronic Waste Pickups are Scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays of Each Week.

Please contact the Recycling Coordinator (x33396) to inquire about the status of your pick-up.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT a 2nd request.

Any research equipment that may have been in contact with or may contain chemical, biohazardous or radioactive substances must be decommissioned by Environmental Health & Safety prior to disposal. Please fill out a decommissioning form on the Environmental Health & Safety website

We also accept all ink and toner cartridges for recycling. Simply pack them up, mark "for recycling" and place them in the campus mail.

without spaces i.e. 6135339999
Pick up Location
Confirm Department Head Approval has been Received To Dispose Of These Items
Include a list of all items to be picked up, including the number of devices if there are multiples of any given item. Items not listed will not be picked up by moving services.