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Frequently Asked Questions

Access and Accessibility

We have a new staff member who requires keys to our department.  How do we get them?
For a cost, keys can be cut simply by submitting your request via the “online request”  form. Keys are cut once a week. When ready you wil be notified by phone for pickup at Physcial Plant Services Reception 2nd floor of the Rideau Building.
Where can I find information about accessible access on campus?
Go to the Accessibility Hub and view our accessibility map here
Our department has moved to a new location, and we need to have new signs made. Who do I contact?
To order new or replacement signage, contact Maridee Osolinsky @ 75605 or e-mail

Maintenance, Repairs, Cleaning and Alterations

If I have a maintenance issue outside of regular working hours, who do I call?
Physical Plant Services Fixit Desk is manned from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. To report emergency maintenance issues outside these hours call the Emergency Report Centre @ #36080. Non emergency maintenance issues can be left on Fixit's voice mail service where it will be address the next business day.
The sidewalk leading to our building is very slippery.  Who do I call?
Call FIXIT @ #77301 or the Emergency Report Centre after regular business hours at extension #36080
We would like to have air conditioning in our office.  Who should we talk to?
Any changes made to a space, including the addition of air conditioning, must first be approved by Campus Planning & Development. A formal request can be made via the space request form. Upon review you will be contacted by a representative from Physical Plant Services.
There is a faucet leaking in our staff lunch room.  Who should we call to repair it?
Please call FIXIT at #77301 (613 - 533 - 6757 external)
We have an office / classroom / space we would like to renovate, but need a quote or estimate as to how much it would cost.  Can we hire contractor, or can you provide this service?
Any changes made to a space must first be approved by Campus Planning & Development. A formal request can be made via the space request form. Upon review you will be contacted by a representative from Physical Plant Services to discuss your project and provide an estimate.
Who do I talk to about increased custodial services?
You should speak to your building/department administrator.  This person can make contact with the PPS Area Maintenance Manager to discuss arrangements.  Custodial service beyond the published standards of service on an ongoing basis will require additional staffing and the requestor would be expected to cover the costs.
I have mice in my office.  Who do I call to get rid of them?
Environmental Health & Safety have a contract with Abell Pest Control who take care of pest problems inside campus buildings. They can be reached @ 533-2999 or e-mail Pest problems outside of campus buildings can be report to the FIXIT desk at #77301 or by e-mailing
My windows have not been cleaned in several years. Who do I contact to make this happen?
PPS does not routinely clean windows.  If you would like to have your windows cleaned, speak to your building administrator.  This person can discuss the work with the PPS Area Maintenance Manager.  Depending on the number of windows and the equipment required, the requester may be asked to cover the costs.

Equipment Installations

I am purchasing a piece of new lab equipment.  What is the process for having it installed?
All equipment requiring an electrical service must carry an approved Canadian Safety Authority (CSA) sticker. Once that is confirmed, submit a billable work request in the PPS Maintenance Request System to request the assistance of an electrician.
Who do I contact if equipment is not CSA approved?
Equipment cannot be installed or connected if it does not carry appropriate electrical approvals. It is the responsibility of the equipment owner/purchaser to organize and pay for a product field inspection. In addition to ESA there are several other recognized field evaluation agencies.


Our group is holding an event on Agnes Benidickson Field and are planning on erecting a large tent. Who do we notify and what precautions do we need to take?
Underground services must be located prior to erecting tents anywhere on campus. To request a locate, call "Ontario One Call" at 1-800-400-2255. They will contact all agencies that may have underground services in the area, including Physical Plant Services.

Bicycles and Parking

I locked my bike to an emergency phone station this morning and now it’s gone. Who might know where it is?
Bicycles locked to anything other than a bicycle rack will be removed by the Parking Department and stored. The Parking Office can be reached at 533-6979 or e-mail

Waste Wizard

Download our new Waste Wizard app using the icons below! This app acts as an all in one waste look up tool, aiming to ease confusion around waste management on campus.

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