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Waste and Recycling Request Forms


Scrap Metal Pick Up - Scrap metal includes any metal equipment or furniture that are free from hazardous materials. See the chart below for examples of acceptable materials.



Furniture ReUse and Disposal - Furniture pickups are scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. If your furniture is in good condition there may be another department interested in "trading up". Post your Furniture to the Recycle@Queen's site for reuse on Campus. If there is no other campus members interested in the furniture please submit a Furniture pick up request and we will take it the rest of the way!



E-Waste Pick Up and Disposal - Electronic waste pickups are also scheduled for Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. Hard drives or devices that may contain confidential Queen’s information must be disposed of in a secure manner. To arrange the pick-up and disposal of e-waste that contains sensitive information, a request should be submitted via the E-Waste Pick-Up Request form to arrange for the direct pick-up and transportation of the equipment to the secured disposal unit.

We also accept all ink and toner cartridges for recycling. Simply pack them up, mark "for recycling" and place them in the campus mail.

For more information about Queen's University's E-Waste recycling program, click on the bar below. 

Electronic Waste

Queen’s has participated in an electronic waste (e-waste) recycling program since 2005.  Staff and faculty can submit an on-line request to the Sustainability Office to pick up their unwanted electronic items.  Items are collected on a weekly basis and sent for safe disposal and recycling.  

E-waste includes any end-of-life or discarded appliances using electricity such as desktop computers, portable computers, computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, hard drives), monitors, televisions, desktop printing devices including desktop copiers and multi-function devices, computer peripherals including modems, floor standing printing devices, scanners, typewriters, telephones and answering machines, cellular phones and pagers, small appliances (coffee makers, toaster ovens, kettles), PDAs, audio and video players and recorders (eg. MP3, cassette, digital), cameras (web, digital, analog), equalizers/(pre)amplifiers, radios, receivers, speakers, turntables, video players/projectors, digital frames, video recorders, personal hand held computers.

Secure handling practices for disposal of E-waste

Unused electronics should be submitted to the E-waste program when no longer required.


  • Sustainability Office is responsible for: e-waste practices
  • PPS and moving services are responsible for: the collection, transportation, and storage of e-waste prior to destruction
  • The electronics recycling company is responsible for: the secure destruction of Queen’s e-waste
  • Departments and Faculties are responsible for: secure storage of E-Waste awaiting collection by moving services, arranging the collection of e-waste, and; reporting loss or stolen e-waste
  • Campus Security is responsible for: investigating reports of loss or stolen e-waste
  • ITS is responsible for: Providing users with guidance on secure handling of e-waste

The E-Waste disposal process

Step 1. The requesting office submits an online E-Waste/Equipment Pickup Request. Ensuring that a complete list of items to be picked up is documented in the Description of Work field.

Step 2. The requesting office will receive a confirmation email complete with a submission number. (The submission number should always be used when referencing the request).

Step 3. The requesting office labels the devices to be picked up with the submission number, so moving services knows they are taking the correct items.

Step 4. The requesting office places the E-Waste in a secure area to await pick up. Secure areas are those not easily accessed by anyone outside of your unit’s staff, preferably a locked room or cabinet. Under no circumstances leave E-Waste in hallways, outside of buildings, or on loading docks even for a short period as this may expose the University to risk.

Step 5. Moving services will arrive to remove the E-Waste.



Office Organics Program - Campus departments are invited to join the campus organics program which focuses on capturing food waste generated by staff who bring their lunches to work.  In order to adequately control the content and quality of the organic collection, an organics collection container is provided for kitchen or lounge spaces as well as an information sheet that outlines what is accepted into the organics program.  This container will be emptied into an exterior toter that is picked up weekly and transported to a composting facility.  Departments can join the office organics program by filling out a request form below.




Scrap Metal Pickup Furniture Pickup E-Waste Pickup Office Organics
Steel, Cast Iron Desks Laptops, tablets Food Scraps
Stainless Steel, Aluminum Chairs Desktops, Monitors Coffee Grinds & Filters
Brass, Copper, Lead Filing Cabinets TV's, Projectors Tea Bags
Metal Alloys, Electrical Wire White boards Lab Equipment Kitchen Paper Towel
Furniture containing 50% Metal   Printers & Photocopiers Tissue
Large Appliances & Old Equipment   Small Appliances Soiled Pizza Boxes

Any research equipment, furniture, appliances etc. that may have been in contact with or may contain chemical, biohazardous or radioactive substances must be decommissioned by Environmental Health & Safety prior to disposal. Please fill out a decommissioning form on the Environmental Health & Safety website. Once the item has been decommissioned and labelled by EH&S please complete the appropriate pick up form. Items without a EH&S sticker cannot be picked up. 

Fill in request forms in their entirety.  Any missing information will delay processing of your request.

Please contact the Recycling Coordinator (x33396) to inquire about the status of your pick-up. Please DO NOT SUBMIT a 2nd request.

Waste Wizard

Download our new Waste Wizard app using the icons below! This app acts as an all in one waste look up tool, aiming to ease confusion around waste management on campus.

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