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Scrap Metal Pickup Request

The university has a scrap metal recycling program. Scrap metal includes any metal equipment or furniture that are free from hazardous materials. Items accepted for scrap metal recycling include: Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Lead, Metal Alloys, Electrical Wire, furniture containing 50% metal, large appliances (Freon removed from fridges).

Items NOT accepted: electronic waste. Please fill out the electronic waste pick up form.

Please contact the Recycling Coordinator (x33396) to inquire about the status of your pick-up. Please DO NOT SUBMIT a 2nd request.

Any research equipment and/or furniture that may have been in contact with or may contain chemical, biohazardous or radioactive substances must be decommissioned by Environmental Health & Safety prior to disposal. Please fill out a decommissioning form on the Environmental Health & Safety website

Pickup Location:

Confirm Department Head Approval has been Received To Dispose Of These Items

Waste Wizard

Download our new Waste Wizard app using the icons below! This app acts as an all in one waste look up tool, aiming to ease confusion around waste management on campus.

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