Physical Plant Services

Physical Plant Services (PPS)

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USW Offices - 154 Albert Street

USW Offices building front entranceLocation: 154 Albert Street is located by the corner of Union and Albert St.  

Entrances – there is no accessible entrance to this building

East (Main entrance):
The main entrance is not accessible and located on the east side of the building with a set of stairs leading up to it with skinny railings on both sides.


Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: Floors 2 and 3 are completely inaccessible because there is no elevator between floors.

Wayfinding: The signage for this building is located on the exterior wall on the left side of the entrance to the building.

Washrooms: There are three single-user non-accessible washrooms.

Parking: There is street parking located outside this building and a paid/permit parking lot across the street.