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Physical Plant Services (PPS)

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Custodial Services

Call 613-533-6363 for all general inquiries and reporting procedures. 

The Custodial Services Team is responsible for maintaining sanitary conditions of approximately 4.9 million square feet of interior spaces on Main Campus, West Campus, and leased off-site facilities. Our team provides daily service Monday through Friday and priority service on weekends.

Regular Custodial Services duties include:

  • Emptying and cleaning centralized waste receptacles
  • Cleaning touch points (light switches, door hardware)
  • Dusting (as required)
  • Cleaning mirrors and interior glass
  • Dust mopping / vacuuming floors
  • Damp mopping floors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting washrooms
  • Disinfecting table tops in classrooms
  • Interior re-lamping
  • Snow removal / de-icing main entrances to building

Cleaning Priorities

Cleaning priorities fall into four levels. Our custodians follow these priorities as listed below in the time allowed before moving to the next priority.

Level l- Areas of Liability and Safety Concerns (Snow and Ice Removal, floods, etc...)

Note: Our custodians maintain all entrances to academic buildings.  If snow removal is needed it will be completed before anything else and may take most of the custodian’s shift.

Level 2- Public and Student Use Areas

Generally these are areas which are used by the general public and or affect the learning process at Queen's such as Entrances, Corridors, Stairwells, Washrooms, and Classrooms

Level 3- General and Departmental Areas (General Offices, Research Labs)

Level 4- Work areas and Individual Occupancies (Offices, Workshops)

For more information on area types and frequencies, please review our Custodial Care Program Overview.


Custodial Service Requests

Call 613-533-6363 for all general inquiries and reporting procedures. 

Custodial Service Requests cover items like supply requests (eg. Paper towels), urgent clean-ups (spills) as well as event support. 

If your request requires an immediate response, please call

  • Fixit (77301, 613-533-6757) during normal daytime hours
  • Emergency Response Centre (36080, 613-533-6080) after hours.

Custodial Service staff members are on site 24h/day and can be dispatched immediately. 

For event support and general inquiries please email or call the appropriate member of our Custodial Services Team.

Custodial Services Team

Don Conners

Acting Manager, Custodial Services

Ext. 32902

William Shearing

Assistant Manager

Ext. 74790 

Tracy Sweet

Assistant Manager

Ext. 33042

Leah Neff

Assistant Manager

Ext. 33046 


Shift Supervisor (Evenings)


  • All Buildings
  • Agnes Etherington Art Center
  • Chernoff Hall
  • Dunning Hall
  • Ellis Hall
  • Harrison Le Caine
  • Isabel Bader
  • Jeffery Hall
  • LaSalle Bldg
  • Mac-Corry
  • MacDonald Hall
  • McArthur Hall
  • Richardson Hall
  • Rideau Bldg
  • Stirling Hall
  • Sutherland Hall
  • Watson Hall


  • 32/51 Bader Lane
  • 9 St Lawrence
  • 140 Stuart St
  • ARC
  • Beamish Monroe
  • Bruce Wing
  • Douglas Lib
  • Dupuis Hall
  • Goodes Hall
  • Goodwin Hall
  • Gordon Hall
  • JDUC
  • MacBrown
  • Miller Hall
  • Nicol Hall
  • School of Kin
  • Stauffer Lib
  • Student Life
  • Walterlight Hall


  • 184/186 Barrie St
  • 49 Division St
  • 195 University Ave.
  • Abramsky Hall
  • BioSciences
  • Botterell Hall
  • Cancer Research
  • Carrthers Hall
  • Cataraqui Bldg
  • Craine Bldg
  • Etherington Hall
  • Fleming Hall
  • Grant Hall
  • Haynes Hall
  • Humphrey Hall
  • Jackson Hall
  • K. Ryan Hall
  • Kingston Hall
  • Louise D Acton
  • McLaughlin Hall
  • Old Meds
  • Ontario Hall
  • Richardson Labs
  • School of Medicine
  • Summerhill
  • Theology Hall


  • 18,78,82-82,98,100
  • 102, 144 & 146 Barrie
  • All Buildings