Physical Plant Services

Physical Plant Services (PPS)

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Engineering Services

Engineering Services is comprised of three main sections: Mechanical, Electrical and Drafting.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers Oversee:

  • Heating/Cooling Ventilation Systems
  • Water/Sewage Systems
  • Supporting Infrastructure (Main & West)

Mechanical Engineers Responsibilities Include:

  • Oversee Operations of Central Heating 
  • Assist with Differed Maintenance Backlog
  • Assist with Requirements for Construction
  • Determine the Heating/Cooling Requirements of New Construction or Renovated Spaces
  • Working with Utilities Kingston on Water and Sewer Initiatives
  • Overseeing the Maintenance of Sprinkler and Fire System Piping

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers Oversee:

  • Electrical Distribution to and within All Buildings and Grounds on Main & West Campus

Electrical Engineers' Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing & Reviewing Designs and Specifications
  • Overseeing Installation and Maintenance of Various Electrical Equipment Systems
    • Medium & Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems
    • Fire Alarm Systems 
    • Emergency Power Systems
    • Lighting & Control Systems
    • Building Energy Management Systems
  • Operation and Maintenance of Queen's Substation A
    • Electrical Feeders within a Shared Substation with KGH
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Co-Generation Facility 
    • Electrical Power onto the Electrical Utility Grid


The Drafting Group is Responsible for:

  • Generating & Maintaining Records for all Queen's Buildings and Systems
    • Drawings
    • Specifications
    • Various Pieces of Equipment Information
  • Creates & Maintains Campus Maps & Building Floor Plans

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