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Physical Plant Services (PPS)

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Our Operations group is responsible for the general maintenance of building and grounds infrastructure on main campus and west campus. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our campuses are safe and comfortable learning environments for students, staff and faculty.

The Operations group is anchored by our operations desk, known as “Fixit,” and is comprised of the following skilled trades:


Fixit is the operations desk where Operations (building maintenance or grounds) and Custodial Services issues are triaged. This desk is staffed by a coordinator and two clerks who log upwards of 100 incoming calls each day and is the central dispatch for all Physical Plant Services staff. Reach them at 613-533-6757 (internal 77301) or by email at

Unauthorized Work

All maintenance work or renovation projects on main campus, west campus or leased properties must be approved in advance and coordinated through Physical Plant Services.

The performance of unauthorized work may lead to cutting or interrupting services (e.g. steam or power supply), which can have disastrous effects to ongoing research. In addition, for the safety of contracted staff, researchers must be notified in advance of any work that is to be undertaken in their research facilities and special precautions may need to be taken before entering certain areas.

Our carpenters are responsible for all architectural issues (walls, doors, windows, and floors) and well as special requests, such as mounting pictures, constructing display cases and banner installations.
Our electricians are responsible for attending to electrical issues (upgrading or resetting breaker panels, installing equipment, addressing issues with fire alarm systems, upgrading existing electrical, and new installations).
Our grounds keepers are responsible for maintenance of: lawns, gardens, flower beds, hedges and trees, hard landscaping (including walkways and patios), some snow removal and exterior waste collection.
Kitchen Mechanics
Our kitchen mechanic is dedicated to servicing the equipment in the retail and dining hall kitchens located on main campus and west campus.
Our locksmiths are responsible for the installation of door lock hardware and GEPP fob readers as well as for cutting keys.
Our millwrights are responsible for the general maintenance of supply and exhaust fans, pumps, and specialized equipment that comprise a building’s infrastructure.
Specialty Team

Our specialty team consists of controls, elevator, refrigeration and welding mechanics.

Controls mechanics are responsible for the QUEMS building automation that controls the delivery of heating and cooling to our facilities and work in conjunction with our other trades to ensure that building systems and equipment operate properly.

Elevator mechanics are responsible for the general maintenance of 110 elevators and lift devices located in our facilities.

Refrigeration mechanics are responsible for the general maintenance of heat pumps, which provide heating and cooling, chillers, and refrigerated equipment within our facilities.

Welding mechanics work with our trades to repair heating and cooling coils as well as to fabricate or modify equipment.

Our plumbers are responsible for the plumbing infrastructure (water supply lines, waste lines, toilets, sinks, eye wash stations, safety showers, etc.) and support the delivery of heating and cooling (where applicable) to our facilities.
Our steamfitters are responsible for maintaining the steam infrastructure in our buildings and work closely with our refrigeration mechanics during the summer to ensure that cooling is delivered efficiently to our facilities.
Our stores keepers are responsible for maintaining inventory in our central Stores to ensure that parts are available to our skilled trades. They also coordinate special orders, vehicle maintenance and internal deliveries within Physical Plant Services.
Trade Helpers
Our trade helpers assist our skilled trades by tackling a variety of support tasks relating to building infrastructure.

Area Teams

Operations responsibilities are divided into geographical areas, which are maintained by semiautonomous work teams called "Area Teams."

Area Teams contain a mix of trades, custodial and management staff, and are the primary contact for the campus customer. The Area Managers and Assistant Managers are responsible for staffing, control of budget and work planning for their area. These individuals also manage limited construction projects, and supervise contracted maintenance.

Area 1 – West of University Avenue, south from Stuart Street and north to Union Street (including the Isabel)

Area 2 – North of Union Street plus Douglas Library, Gordon Hall, Nicol Hall, and Miller/Bruce (including leased properties off-campus)

Area 3 – East of University Avenue, south of Union Street (including Haynes Hall)

Area 4 – Residences buildings and kitchens, Donald Gordon Conference Centre and west campus


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