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Summerhill Silver Maple Tree Being Removed - August 23

On Thursday August 23rd, PPS removed a large Silver Maple tree which was located outside Summerhill.  The tree was in a deteriorating state (rotten core and unsafe branches) which causes safety concerns.

Over the years the tree’s large branches have been reinforced by cables and wires, this is no longer safe.  Therefore, the difficult decision to remove the tree was made. A hazardous tree evaluation was conducted and therefore a tree removal permit was granted by the City of Kingston.

Three trees will be planted in the general vicinity that the Silver Maple occupied. 

During this time grounds will also performed ash tree treatments around campus in order to protect the ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer.  For reference, the Emerald Ash Borer is an insect that feed on and lay eggs in ash trees causing the trees to die within 1-4 years after exposure. 

These projects were being conducted by the Physical Plant Services’ Grounds Crew and crew from Timber Tree Service and Weese Tree Preservation.  For more information about this project contact our Grounds Manager and certified arborist Matthew Barrett at

Why is there a Building of the Week Feature?

Why does the Building of the Week feature exist?

When people come to Queen’s the first thing many people comment on and take pictures of are the buildings on campus and PPS is the reason why those buildings remain in operation. Thus we wanted to make people aware of the unique history behind the places that they love and admire. We don’t want the historical significance of these buildings to be forgotten.

Where do we get our information?

Usually we get our information from the Queen’s Encyclopedia website which has information about the building’s history, a fun fact, and/or who it is named after. To visit the website click on this hyperlink, Queen’s Encyclopedia.

We also get information from our staff members. Some of our staff have been involved with Queen’s University for over 30 years! So they have an extensive wealth of knowledge about the changed that have happened to the buildings over the years.

Where is the Building of the Week Feature posted?

The Building of the Week Feature is posted to all of our social media accounts and our website.

Facebook & Instagram - @queensupps

Twitter - @queensuPPS

Website –

The New and Improved Engineering Teaching & Learning Lab

Online teaching can be difficult for some due to its lack of face to face interaction and the alternative teaching style. However, a resource like The Engineering Teaching and Learning Lab helps instructors close these barriers by offering Queen's instructors assistance with their online classroom. Whether it is onQ, conceptualizing and humanizing an online classroom, The Engineering Teaching and Learning team offers a variety of services to instructors. Their welcoming and vibrant newly renovated and furnished space allows the team to assist instructors in a way that promotes collaboration and positive and effective communication. Members of the team are instructional designers and multimedia specialists who have vast knowledge of the post-secondary education space.

In order to create a flexible work environment, designer Lindsay Down, added many whiteboard spaces, large areas for collaboration that are equipped with long desks and large screens, and height adjustable desks with privacy screens that adjusts with the desks. The ergonomic desks allow staff to quickly and easily move from a sitting position to a stand up position, thereby increasing productivity. These desks give the team members the ability to have a stand up discussion with instructors which enhances and increases collaboration and understanding. In order to create a space that was welcoming and vibrant, Down designed an accent wall that was painted in a bold turquoise colour and chose furniture with magenta, yellow, and teal fabric accents. The furniture is also easily configured to suit different layouts as required.

In addition to the various technologies in The Engineering Teaching and Learning Lab, Kingston's only lightboard is the most innovative piece of technology in the lab. The lightboard was made in house at Queen’s and is situated in an on-site soundproofed video and audio recording studio where instructors can bring their presentation to life, thereby humanizing the online learning environment.

Manager, Eric Tremblay, says that Physical Plant Services played a vital part in creating the space that they desired from the beginning. "[The] PPS staff were instrumental during the design and construction phases of this project and really sought to understand the vision we were striving for. With their assistance and careful guidance, the end result was right on target."

The Engineering Teaching and Learning Lab is located in Dupuis Hall G25. While the space is primarily used for staff and faculty of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, they welcome students and instructors from other faculties to come by and view the lab or talk to one of their staff members. There is a fee for those from other faculties who want to use the space.