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Faces Behind PPS - Featuring Great Employees

There are many dedicated and worthy employees that work for Physical Plant Services and it is about time that they get noticed.  

Thus, we are featuring employees that make a difference to the Queen's University community. 

If you would like to nominate one of the PPS staff members for the Faces Behind PPS Feature, please email Jasmine at


Mathias Ng

Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Hometown: Toronto

How did you come into this role with PPS?


I have very fond memories of learning and growing in a university environment during my undergrad years. I wanted to continue my learning and education and I found this opportunity available. Also the big city was really beginning to overwhelm me. As a bit of a tongue and cheek comment, please do not complain about Kingston traffic in front of me, I will have no sympathy towards you.

What did you do before working for PPS?

I worked at Toronto Hydro in the Stations department. I would design and manage projects replacing breakers, battery systems, switchgears (just to name a few) on high voltage and low voltage systems in the substations. When the situation arises where the problem is more complex, I would troubleshoot with field staff. Much of my work also involved protection and control (protection relay programming) as well as some automation (Remote Terminal Unit programming).

What is the most interesting part of being an Electrical Engineer?

I enjoy getting to see my work being applied in the field. I enjoy being counted on to get the system working.

You are very new to PPS, what are you looking forward to the most?

I look forward to all the fun and exciting events that happen in the university. I look forward to being a part of the learning environment.

Lastly, what's one fun fact about you? 

I love to kayak and canoe whenever I get a chance. I also love adventure and I love to explore new places. I have a bit of an inner Indiana Jones.

Bob Polegato



Job Title:   Project Manager


Hometown:   Niagara Falls


What do you do as a Project Manager for PPS?


Oversee approvals, design, construction and occupancy of Major Capital Projects as well as other types of University and Client driven Projects as required from time to time.


How did you come into this role with PPS? 


Was made aware of the position opening by local General Contractors.


What did you do before working for PPS? 


Prior to coming to PPS I was the Construction Manager for the Owner of the Four Points Sheraton in downtown Kingston. Prior to relocating to Kingston I worked on similar large Projects in the Ottawa area including Hospitals, Government and Office Buildings.


What were some of the most exciting projects you have worked on? 


Before coming to Queen’s one of the more exciting Projects was in Ottawa where we converted a historic Convent into the National Headquarters for the Canadian Physicians and Surgeons. At Queen’s University I find that most Projects are exciting and interesting including Chernoff Hall, Beamish Monroe, Cogen Facility, Queen’s Centre and now the Innovation and Wellness Centre. Another exciting Project was the redevelopment of University Avenue through the heart of the Campus.


You are working as the PM on Botterell Hall and the IWC. 

How are you able to handle two very different and very large projects at the same time? 


Managing large Projects takes a lot of time and effort and you must remain focused at all times. There are inevitably many moving parts requiring timely decisions and direction in order to enable forces to continue moving forward and avoid delays. 


Continual monitoring of the Schedule and Budget are key in order to identify and mitigate risks to the Project. Often, early warning signs can be noted and actions taken to avert delays and costs later in the Project. It is important to identify and utilize the numerous resources available at PPS and to encourage input from the stakeholders and from those having a vested interest. This helps to minimize costly mistakes and ensures a quality end Product that is acceptable to all.


Lastly, what is one fun fact about you? 


I have a reasonably good sense of humor and try to maintain it through my work and interactions with other employees. I also try and keep a full candy jar on my desk to encourage people to come into my office.


Maridee Osolinsky

Job Title: Planner      

Home town: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What do you do as a planner for PPS? 

I provide creative and technical design solutions to ensure that built environment spaces are healthy, safe, accessible, and support the cultural identity and diversity of the people using the spaces. My goal is to create an inclusive environment that is functional, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and enhances the quality of life and well-being of all of the students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.

How did you come into this role with PPS? 

I have been working at Queen’s University since 2004, starting in Campus Planning and Development (CPD). Some members of CPD joined PPS in 2017 and we are now located in the same space. This new adjacency provides opportunities to work more cohesively with other PPS departments. Our goal is to provide a seamless integration of our services for a better client experience.

What did you do before working with Queen's and PPS?

After graduating in interior design and working in the industry, I earned my National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification and became a Registered Interior Designer with the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). As an interior design professional in Toronto, I worked with clients in a number of business sectors, including: banking, insurance, law, advertising, manufacturing, computer software, education, healthcare, food services and energy. This helped prepare me for the diversity of clients on campus and understanding their unique needs.

You are heavily involved with Accessibility Services, why are you so passionate about it?

I often receive feedback from individuals on accessibility issues and this fuels me to improve the built environment. Every person should have the opportunity to fully participate in daily life in an independent and dignified manner. The more improvements that can be made with inclusive, accessible design, the more seamlessly a person can go about their day.

And how are you bringing that into your work with PPS?

The Building Accessibility Guide is being updated to highlight additional accessibility features in the buildings. Facility Accessibility Design Standards are being developed along with new Architectural and Design Standards. Student accommodations for furniture in classrooms is being improved. Successful federal grant applications are making accessibility improvements on campus, including the current grant at the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre. Barrier removal plans are being developed to implement with accessibility funding over a 5 year time frame. And, furniture standards and products that are more flexible/adaptable are being used on campus.

What is one fun fact about you? 

At age 11, I had a drawing of Little Jughead published in Little Archie comics. I was curious about kids in other countries and wanted to make some pen pals. From this one drawing, I received a stack of letters from kids all over the world. This increased my interest in other cultures and a desire to travel to these locations. To date, I have lived in 3 countries and have travelled to 24 countries on 5 different continents. I hope to do more traveling in the future.