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[Principal and Vice Chancellor]
[Principal and Vice Chancellor]

January 2015: Welcome to incoming international and exchange students

Dear students,

Welcome to Queen’s. It is wonderful to have you on campus. Thank you for choosing to join us in Kingston. I hope you will quickly make yourself at home here and enjoy your Canadian experience. As an immigrant to Canada myself, though one who has lived almost all his life here, I can attest it’s a wonderful country and you find yourself at one of its top universities. Make the most of your time here.

I remember my own days studying abroad when I was a graduate student. I am still grateful for the opportunity to have spent time living in another country, rather than merely passing through as a visitor. I not only learned a great deal about another culture, I also learned a lot about myself and about my abilities. Congratulations for choosing to push yourself in pursuit of that kind of experience. Get involved, try new things, and take mistakes in stride– they are part of the learning process, too.

At Queen’s, we pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone deserves to thrive. That said, it is normal to feel some nerves when facing the unfamiliar. Please know that there are many resources on campus that can offer support should you need it, including the Queen’s University International Centre. I hope you will take advantage of their many fine programs as you explore your new campus and city.   

Whether your home is across an ocean or just a few hours drive away, and no matter how long you will be with us at Queen’s, please know that we are very glad to have you here.

With best wishes,

Daniel Woolf
Principal and Vice-Chancellor