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The Academic Plan

Planning Timeline

May 2012:

In May 2012, Principal Woolf released THE THIRD JUNCTURE, a follow-up essay on the future of Queen's. Learn more about The Third Juncture.

November 2011:

Queen's ACADEMIC PLAN was officially approved by the University Senate in November 2011. Visit the Strategic Planning website for more about The Academic Plan...

November 2010:

On November 25, 2010, Senate decided that a Senate Task Force, made up of faculty members, staff and students, would finalize an academic plan. The group consulted broadly with the community at large and with targeted groups, and also invited comments via a dedicated website. They used the Educational Equity Guidelines for incorporating diversity and equity into the academic planning exercise.

September 2010:

In the months after the release of that document, faculties and units across the university were invited to respond to the questions the principal posed. He invited a number of faculty members (known together as the Academic Writing Team) to listen to the views and ideas of faculty, students, staff and alumni, and identify themes that resonate, ultimately submitting a report they called IMAGINING THE FUTURE. Their ideas became the material for discussion at two community town halls held in September 2010.

Later in September 2010, the final report of the Academic Writing Team was tabled at Senate and referred to the Senate Committee on Academic Development (SCAD).

January 2010:

The process began in January 2010, when Principal Woolf released his vision document, WHERE NEXT?, in which he suggested a number of possible directions for Queen's and asked some general questions.

Download documents:

Academic Plan (700 KB)
November 2011

Imagining the Future (800 KB)
September 2010

Where Next? (1.4 MB)
January 2010

The Third Juncture (1.9 MB)
May 2012

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