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Dr. Daniel R. Woolf

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Daniel R. Woolf

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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Queen's Strategic Framework

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Daniel Woolf presented Queen's Strategic Framework 2014-2019, a capstone planning tool designed to advance the university’s vision as the quintessential “balanced academy,” to the Board of Trustees at its meeting on March 7, 2014.

At the core of the framework are four priorities, or strategic drivers, that support the university’s vision:


“The strategic framework is designed around four strategic drivers, each of which is critical to Queen’s success as a research-intensive university that delivers a transformative student learning experience.

While most universities focus on either teaching or research, Queen’s has chosen the path – a difficult one – of striving to excel at both. We believe however that they are mutually beneficial aspects of our academic mission.

Principal Daniel Woolf

The framework identifies a number of goals for each strategic driver, as well as a series of performance metrics to help gauge the university’s progress for five years, to 2019. It came after a period of significant strategic planning at Queen’s, and is closely aligned with the Academic Plan, the Strategic Research Plan, the new activity-based budget model and the university’s proposed mandate statement.

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