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Dr. Daniel R. Woolf

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Daniel R. Woolf

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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The Third Juncture - May 2012

The challenge in the coming years will be to strengthen those aspects essential to the Queen’s of the past and present – our reputation for quality, our history of producing outstanding graduates at all levels, our enduring student and alumni spirit of initiative – while seizing the opportunity to reinvent ourselves yet again for a 21st century world.

Now is our opportunity to continue the trajectory of the past 171 years by positioning ourselves as an institution that is old, established and reliable, but also fresh, nimble, adaptable and of value on a global, not merely provincial or national stage.

Principal Daniel Woolf, The Third Juncture

In May 2012, Principal Woolf released a position paper outlining his thoughts on the university’s past and present, as well as its future over the next decade. His essay, The Third Juncture, explores how Queen’s values – including a strong sense of community, a commitment to excellence and a drive toward innovation – will intersect with economic change, advancements in technology, and the globalization of education and knowledge.

The essay, which was written following a two-year planning exercise that culminated in the university’s ACADEMIC PLAN, imagines what Queen’s will look like in 2020, both physically and figuratively, as the university blends the commitment and talent of exceptional faculty and students with opportunities for discovery, social innovation and technological advances.

The Third Juncture follows on the principal’s 2010 release of WHERE NEXT?, a vision document suggesting a number of possible directions for Queen’s and asking some general questions.