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[Principal and Vice Chancellor]

Remembering victims of Flight PS752

On behalf of the students, staff and faculty at Queen’s University, I offer our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victims of Flight PS752 that were tragically taken one year ago. I remember when I heard of the plane crash, I was struck by the sheer horror and magnitude of the loss. As we learned more in the days that followed of the details of the crash and of the lives of the people on board the plane, our university community was gripped with a profound sadness, particularly when we found out that one of our own students, Amir Moradi, was among the victims.

176 people were killed that day. Some of them were just children, others were established professionals and academics, and many were students returning to their studies. They were daughters, sons, siblings, parents, and cherished friends -- all were dearly loved and are terribly missed. This loss is also a tragedy for Canada – many of those killed were destined to reach this country as they were citizens or students studying here. To have lost these bright lights that will never realize their potential is incredibly unjust and hard to fathom.

May we commit to memory the lives of those lost and continue to seek out answers and justice so that family members can have some peace and closure knowing that the pain of this loss will never go away. Please know that Queen’s University stands beside you and will never forget.


posted: January 8, 2021