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[Principal and Vice Chancellor]

Celebration of Service dinner

Principal Woolf honours many of Queen's longest-serving employees.

Good evening.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to Queen’s University’s Celebration of Service dinner.

I’d like to begin by thanking Sarah Mills and Nicole Fowler from our HR department and our staff at Queen’s Event Services for organizing this lovely event.

This evening, we honour the faculty and staff who have dedicated their life’s work to our institution and, in doing so, have contributed to the fabric of Queen’s in countless ways.  


By definition, universities are transitional places.

We design finite educational and research programs and usher thousands of people in and out of our doors each year.

Yet throughout the ebbs and flows of campus life, those we celebrate tonight ensure that the spirited traditions, educational and research standards, and overall university experience remain true to Queen’s. 

As the memory keepers of this institution, you are truly one of our most valuable assets.

At the root of our university’s ability to turn a handful of years on campus into a lifelong connection is the loyalty of the 154 people we honour this evening.

To our honourees - I thank you.

You have given so much to Queen’s over the course of your careers, and I know that we would not be in the same strong position that we find ourselves today without your unwavering commitment to our university.

In your dedicated roles, you guide students through the challenges of university life, graciously support other staff and faculty at Queen’s, care for our facilities, and generally keep this place running like a well-oiled machine.

Many of you also selflessly serve the people of Kingston through volunteer projects.

We are incredibly grateful for your long-standing service and dedication to this community.

And, I do hope that in return, Queen’s has given you the opportunity to turn some of your colleagues into longstanding friends.

I must also acknowledge the various family members who are here with us tonight - thank you for the important role you play in supporting our accomplished staff and faculty members.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves on this special evening, and thank you for the opportunity to speak.


Now, since we have so many awards to give out this evening, I’d like to invite Mr. Dan Bradshaw, our Associate Vice-Principal of Human Resources, to join me in commencing the ceremony.