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[Principal and Vice Chancellor]

Statement on the work of the Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

February 16, 2017

In late November, a number of Queen’s students attended an off-campus costume party that involved the misappropriation of several cultures. The event brought an important conversation on diversity and inclusion back into focus for the Queen’s community, and it was a reminder that there remains much work for us to do on these issues.

In response, I established an implementation committee tasked with reviewing recommendations in past reports on these issues, and advising me on priorities for rapid implementation. Since then, two faculty, two students, and two staff have been named to the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion. I have now met with the committee members, and shared initial thoughts on their process, potential outcomes, and my commitment to see sustainable change arising from their efforts. I’ve also spoken extensively with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Donald Raymond, about the Board’s commitment to addressing these issues.

“The Board of Trustees strongly supports the diversity goals of the university and can assure the Queen’s community that this process is being taken seriously,” states Dr. Raymond. “The Board expects senior officials, and management throughout Queen’s, to incorporate changes and make progress on diversity and inclusion, based on the recommendations of the committee. We will monitor the administration’s progress in both the short- and long-term.”

Dr. Raymond and I are dedicated to ensuring Queen’s is a place where all of our community members feel welcome, safe, and valued. I thank the members of the implementation committee for taking on this highly important work, and will keep the people of Queen’s updated on their progress.

Principal Daniel Woolf