Strategy Implementation

Working Groups were tasked with developing recommendations in consultation with Queen’s community. A Steering Committee of senior leaders, Deans and Working Group chairs assessed the recommendations, created an inventory of current initiatives underway and are working to align faculty and department-specific strategies with the overall framework. Strategy Leads are building upon Working Group recommendations and implementing initiatives to advance the overall strategy.

Strategy Leads

Research Impact

Strategic goal: Increasing the intensity and volume of exemplary, ground-breaking and interdisciplinary research, whether fundamental, applied, or driven through community partnership.

Strategy Lead: Nancy Ross, Vice-Principal Research 


Student Learning

Strategic goal: Advancing highly effective pedagogies, leveraging new technologies, and reconceiving educational programs of all levels and types so as better to prepare students to have impact in their chosen careers and throughout their lives.

Strategy Lead: Klodiana Kolomitro, Special Advisor to the Principal, Strategic Development 

Research and Teaching Integration

Strategic goal: Enhancing the interdependence of research and teaching, with emphasis on greater integration of research in the undergraduate experience, an increase in the ratio of graduate to undergraduate students, and a program to attract, support, and more effectively integrate postdoctoral fellows.

Strategy Lead: Nancy Ross, VP Research and Klodiana Kolomitro, Special Advisor to the Principal, Strategic Development 

Global Engagement

Strategic goal: Strengthening Queen’s presence globally: developing and implementing a comprehensive, equity-focused and integrated program of global engagement that includes active, strategic partnerships, enhanced student and faculty mobility, and teaching and learning reform oriented toward a pluralistic and culturally relevant global environment.

Strategy Lead: Sandra den Otter, Vice-Provost (Global Engagement) 

Queen's in the Community

Strategic goal: Embedding Queen’s in the community: building deliberate, strategic, respectful and mutually beneficial engagement with communities outside the University, including Kingston, the region, other organizations and institutions, and national and global networks that share our goals.

Strategy Lead: Patrick Deane, Principal and Vice-Chancellor and Wendy Craig, Special Advisor to the Principal, Community Engagement

Organizational Culture

Strategic goal: Ensuring that in the workplace we live our values, and that our human resources, organizational structure, processes and culture are properly aligned to fulfil our mission.

Strategy Lead: Steve Millan, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources) and Stephanie Simpson, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion)