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acQuire FAQs

What web browsers work with acQuire?

It is recommend that you use the current versions of the following browsers to access the acQuire system:  Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac), Internet Explorer (not Edge).  All other browsers or older versions of supported browsers may not support the functions of the acQuire system. 


I’m not able to access the acQuire login page from a bookmark I’ve saved

During the acQuire rollout, we will be providing a specific SSO link to users, to access acQuire. Once the launch is complete (end of August 2017) the acQuire link will be present on your portal and a separate link will not be necessary to log in through.

Most Queen’s SSO links cannot be bookmarked and saved like a standard webpage. The process to add (and be able to access) the acQuire SSO link will be posted here shortly.


My unit has launched onto acQuire, but I’m getting a system error when I click on the SSO link

It might be a permission issue on your profile – please contact the acQuire Team

I’ve received a “profile inactivated” email

The acQuire Team will be making some user profile adjustments during the rollout. Inactivations/activations may occur from time to time because of this.

If you receive an inactivation email, it may be because you have not attended the required training at the time your unit launches onto acQuire.

Can I still use my departmental PCard?

Your PCard will still be a tool in your procurement tool kit. It can be utilized for the purchase of items <$10k that cannot be procured through acQuire Purchase Requisitions.


Will I still be able to use PeopleSoft for creating/submitting Purchase Requisitions?

Once you are launched onto acQuire, your PeopleSoft Requisition creation access will be removed.

Existing Purchase Orders you have in PeopleSoft will remain in place until their course is run (should be no later than April 2018).


A product that I want is available on the regular e-commerce site of a catalogue supplier, but not available from them in acQuire.

Queen’s supplier agreements may not offer the full catalogue of items available from all suppliers. If the item you wish to purchase is not available in acQuire, you may obtain that product through other methods (ie. Purchase through your departmental p-card or request a quote from the supplier and create a non-catalogue Requisition to order that product through acQuire).

Some of the catalogue providers pricing is higher than I’m used to seeing if ordering outside of acQuire

The catalogue suppliers are offering Queen’s specific pricing and product. Some individual products may have higher pricing, but overall pricing should be advantageous (shipping costs may also be reduced or eliminated when ordering through acQuire). However, if you notice a price or product that doesn’t make sense, please follow up with the acQuire project team

Are catalogue orders free shipping to all of Queen’s users no matter the ship to location (off campus, vs on campus)?

Most (but not all) of our catalogue suppliers have confirmed that shipping will be free to any location – off campus and on campus – as long as the product is ordered via the acQuire shopping channels.

NOTE: Please be aware that for Life Science Lab Suppliers (lab science catalogue suppliers in acQuire), additional shipping and handling charges may be added for special items.

I have an >$10,000 invoice in hand for a product or service I purchased (without a supporting PO), do I create/submit a non-catalogue PO in acQuire to have the invoice paid, or a Payment Request Form?

In most cases, a non-catalogue PO is best, as purchases over $10,000 should be on a Queen’s certified Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order. If the invoice is not for a standard product or service purchase, a Payment Request Form may be best. Please contact the acQuire project team if you are unsure.

How many quotes do I need for a non-catalogue order? Will you reject my order if I don’t have a quote?

Procurement policy should be adhered to when ordering via non-catalogue Requisitions in acQuire – Procurement Policy details can be found here:

Procurement Buyers will be reviewing Purchase Requisitions over $10,000 – if they require further information in order to approve the order, they will request it from you.

How do I do blanket POs in acQuire?

Setup of a blanket PO would be done through a non-catalogue Requisition within acQuire

Ensure to check off the “Blanket/Standing Order” checkbox when creating the Requisition

How do I handle resident payments?

This process will remain as status quo for the time being – ie. Submitting a paper cheque requisition to Financial Services for processing.


What documents will my Payment Request Form submission create in the system?

A Payment Request Form (as well as a One-Time Payment Form and a Research Fund Transfer Form) will create a Requisition, a Purchase Order and a Voucher.

The Purchase Order created from these forms will not dispatch to the supplier, they will be for internal use only.

The Voucher created from these forms will be the vessel to facilitate the payment through PeopleSoft.


Do I need to keep paper copies of documents?

acQuire is a cloud-based system, that will store transactions and attached documents. Procurement and Financial Services will be considering the material (transactions and attachments) to predominantly be the original copies.


How do I have a new supplier added into the acQuire system?

If your department is fully launched onto acQuire, and you need to set up a PO for a supplier who is not in the system, please complete/submit the “Supplier Request Form” on the acQuire Home Page (Shopping Dashboard). These requests will vet to the acQuire Team for review/processing and you will receive notice through acQuire once the request is approved.

If your department is fully launched onto acQuire and you need to complete/submit a Payment Request Form to pay a supplier invoice, complete the “Supplier Not Found” section of the Payment Request Form when submitting the form. This will trigger a review of the form to the acQuire Team, who will facilitate processing the request. You will receive notice through acQuire notifications once the request is approved.


How do I get the invoice to Accounts Payable for processing?

Payment Request Form submissions – upload the invoice to the Payment Request Form as an attachment. AP will review the invoice from there.

Purchase Requisitions/Purchase Orders – if the supplier sends you a copy of the invoice directly, or you have a copy prior to submitting the Purchase Requisition, email the invoice to Include the PO ID (you would have to wait until a PO was generated from the Requisition you submit), the Supplier Name and “Invoice” in the subject line of the email.


The “attn. to” information I entered onto my acQuire Purchase Requisition seems to be getting cut off by the supplier when they deliver our product

Some of the acQuire catalogue suppliers have a limited character field for the “attn. to” details of a delivery location.

Best practice would be to habitually shorten your “attn. to”  (ie Jane Smith, to J.Smith)

I’m on the Research Project Team Table as having signing approving authority for a research project(s) – why can’t I submit an order as a Requester in acQuire?

You have likely not been assigned the Requester role just yet (perhaps because you haven’t taken the required Requester training

Are the acQuire “approval required” reminder emails business days calculated, or does that include weekends? Will the Shoppers/Requesters receive the reminder emails that the Approvers receive?

The acQuire approval email reminders send out when a transaction is still pending action (approval, returning, etc.)

They are sent out initially after the first 2 business days, then send out daily again for the following 7 business days

The Shopper/Requester will not receive the same email reminder that the Approver will receive. Shoppers/Requesters will receive other reminder emails about assigned carts still requiring action.


As a Requester in acQuire, can I delegate my “assigned cart Requisitions” to another        Requester in my absence?

Yes – there is an “assign substitute” function that can be utilized by Requesters


As an Approver, can I delegate my approvals to another Approver?

Yes – Approvers can assign substitute Approvers within acQuire, for the approval groups they’ve been assigned, for specific date ranges (a start date and end date can be specified)

Approvers can only delegate to other Approvers, not Requesters or Shoppers

The delegation should not go to an Approver who has a lower dollar value approval level – the assignment should be to an Approver with an equivalent approval threshold or higher

If I as a Shopper (or Requester) assign a cart to a Requester, and I want to recall that assignment, can I?

Yes – there is an “unassign” feature available


I need to resubmit a Requisition that had its original voucher rejected, but I’m getting an error that says the invoice number is a duplicate – help!

The acQuire system will not allow for the same invoice number for the same supplier to be submitted into the system twice. If you receive notice that the voucher associated with your original Requisition has been rejected, either contact the acQuire Team for their assistance in resubmitting the voucher, or assign a different invoice number to the original Requisition and resubmit it.


Can I submit and approve my own orders if I have signing authority on the Contract Signing Authority Matrix?

Currently, Contract Signing Authority Approvers who submit their own orders cannot self-approve the order. The acQuire Team is exploring other options to allow this on an as-requested basis, however.