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Queen's University Credit Card Program

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Strategic Procurement Services is responsible for administering the Procurement Card Program and the Corporate Travel Card. ScotiaBank is the VISA service provider for the Queen's University Procurement Credit Card (P-Card).

1. Procurement Credit Card (PCard)

2. Travel Credit Card (TCard) - Departmental Use (Pilot Program)

3. Travel Credit Card (TCard) - Individual Card (Pilot Program)

1. Corporate Travel Card

  • Note - this card program is being phased out over 2019.
  • Current cardholders will be contacted to switch to new Scotiabank Travel Card



The Commercial Credit Card Programs offered by the University provide an alternate payment method for the user community.

  • The PCard provides an extremely efficient method of purchasing and paying for goods costing less than $10,000 CAD.
  • The Departmental TCard is an efficient method for departments to coordinate travel for their employees and ensure compliance to the Queen's Travel and Reimbursement Policy.
  • The Individual TCard is a payment method for employees to use for charging travel expenses related to Queen's business which eliminates the need for employees to use a personal credit card for university business. The individual TCard is intended for employees that travel on university business fairly frequently (i.e. more than once or twice a year).

All cards offered through Queen's Commercial Credit Card belong to the university. The Cardholder, whose name is printed on the card, is a steward of their department's resources.

Cardholders must read and understand the applicable policies related to these cards:

  • Procurement Credit Card
  • Travel Credit Card - Departmental Card
  • Travel Credit Card Individual Card

Benefits of the Commercial Credit Card Program:

Benefits to: PCard TCard - Departmental & Individual

Eliminates the need to issue a Purchase Order for low value transactions.

Provides convenience, security and flexibility.

Allows you to obtain goods faster.

Eliminates the need for employees to use personal funds and obtain reimbursement.

Provides convenience, security and flexibility.

Provides insurance coverage without adding additional costs.


Reduces the number of invoices, cheques and purchase orders.

Enables Administration to focus on value-added activities.

Capitalizes on the worldwide acceptance of Visa.

Significantly reduces the number of travel advance the university needs to issue.

Spend visibility for policy compliance.

Capitalizes on the worldwide acceptance of Visa.

As with any financial instrument, you should be aware of Queen's policies and restrictions prior to obtaining and using the card. The Commercial Credit cards offered by the university are only to be used for purchases or travel related to Queen's business. Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary actions.