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Corporate Travel Card


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Queen's University Corporate Travel Card (CTC) is intended only for incurred expenditures related to business travel while travelling on behalf of the University. The use of the CTC for personal purchases, is prohibited. Holders of the Queen's CTC should take the same care in protecting the Corporate Travel Card as they would with other credit cards they hold in their name. For example, they should not share card numbers with other employees or allow other employees to use their card for travel or other business related expenses. For more information on travelling on behalf of the University please refer to the Travel Policy.   Strategic Procurement Services must be notified and the card cancelled when the cardholder is no longer travelling on business on behalf of Queen's University.  This includes approved extended leaves, maternity leaves, retirees, etc.

Obtaining a Corporate Card

To obtain a Queen's University American Express (AMEX) CTC, the employee should read the instruction and fill out the electronic credit card application Please make note of the access key number before you click on the application link as you will need this key to access the application  - American Express Card Application (Access Key : f4ttb20y The individual should fill in his/her reporting supervisor's name and email address in the appropriate field.  Once the form is submitted, the Supervisor will receive an email notification and PIN to login to approve application. The supervisor must electronically  forward the application to the Credit Card Program Manager (See Contact List) in Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) for final submission to American Express.  Please note that SPS will reject any application which has not first been forwarded to their Supervisor.

Cardholder Responsibility

Upon signing the Corporate Card application, an employee agrees to be liable for payment to the credit card company of all amounts charged to the Corporate Card, regardless of purpose.

The credit card company requires that all payments be received upon receipt of the statement.  Should your payment not be made on or before the require date on the statement, the credit card company will contact you by phone.  If the bill goes unpaid for 60 days, the credit card company reserves the right to suspend your card privileges.  After 120 days of non-payment, your card will be cancelled.

It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure a local administrative process is in place to assure timely payments are made for all business expenses. Cardholders are responsible for making sure payment is received from Finance Department. The Cardholder must make the payment to Amex directly themselves and are responsible for any interest charges that are incurred on the card for whatever reason.  The card must be paid in a timely manner.

Credit Card Management

Finance Department recommends that employees do not wait to receive a monthly corporate card statement to process business expense transactions made on the card during the month as the statement is not required to process payment to the credit card company.  Receipts can be process at any time on the Expense Form.  Statements are viewed online (Amex Login) Credit card statements or any other documentation containing the credit card number should be maintained in a secure location to guard against potential credit card fraud.  It is the cardholders responsibility to report all unexpected credit card activity , lost or stolen cards immediately to AMEX customer service in Canada at 1 800 716 6661 or Internationally at 1 905 474 9329. 

Ineligible Expenses

Transaction types or expenses that are ineligible as per the University's Travel Policy are:

  •   All Personal Purchases
  •   Alcohol
  •   All transactions not related to travel on behalf of the University


Closing a Corporate Card Account

The Corporate Card account must be closed when the employee leaves the University including retirees, maternity leave. extended leave (sabbatical, health, etc).  Employees should contact American Express (AMEX) directly at 1 800 716 6661 to cancel their account and subsequently forward their card to the Credit Card Program Manager (See Contact List) at SPS.  The Corporate Credit Cardholders'  Supervisor is responsible for reporting the cancellation of the card to SPS.