Strategic Procurement Services

Strategic Procurement Services

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Preparing For An Audit

From time to time both Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) as well as Internal Audit will perform audits of cardholders. This is carried out in the interest of maintaining best business practices and remains in line with SPS's commitment to the seventh strategic goal set out in the Queen's strategic goals & objectives: acquiring and managing resources strategically.

To ensure the continued success of the Procurement Credit Card Program and to meet the audit requirements of both Queen's University and various government agencies, Audit Services and SPS will make periodic audits to verify that items purchased have been received and that the correct procurement policies and procedures have being followed.

For your convenience and in the interest of saving you time, please make sure you have the following ready for our visit:

  • All receipts and invoices from the past 7 years including employees who have left the university
  • All monthly reconciliation activity statements for the past 7 years.  The two items should be filed together for easy retrieval.

Note:  Please ensure documentation is accessible to at least one other person in your department  during a temporary leave of absence from the University (e.g., sabbatical, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.)

Adequate documentation must be maintained to record the transaction. Cardholders must forward all supporting documentation (including credits to the Procurement Card) to the person in their department who has been assigned responsibility for document retention. These receipts assist in the verification of the online transaction and proper allocation of the purchase. Failure to meet audit standards may result in the loss of Procurement Credit Card privileges.

Missing Receipts

While all efforts should be made to acquire and retain original receipts, in the event that documentation for a purchase is missing or receipts are lost or misplaced, it is necessary for the Cardholder to contact the supplier and obtain a duplicate receipt/invoice.