Strategic Procurement Services

Strategic Procurement Services

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Properly Using a Queen's Credit Card

It is important to understand that the proper use of a Queen's Procurement Card is more than conducting transactions in an safe, ethical, and professional manner. 

There are two activities associated with the use of a credit card. One is the purchasing of the product or service, the second is ensuring that the bank and university financial information is correct and accounted for appropriately.  

As the holder of the procurement card issued to your department it is required that you be familiar with the standard procedures for reconciling the accounts to which the card is attached. Reconciling the card account on a monthly basis is a mandatory requirement for cardholders. By reconciling the account, you are acknowledging that your purchases are valid, assigning the liability to the appropriate account and ensuring that there are no erroneous entries in your account. If reconciling is not performed on a monthly basis as required,  cards will be cancelled. Please review the Reconciling Accounts section here -