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Strategic Procurement Services

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Returning a P-Card

Cancelling a P-Card

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to return the physical plastic to Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) no less than 2 weeks prior to leaving the university upon termination of employment, retirement,  or any other applicable circumstances.

Department heads are responsible for ensuring that cards are cancelled when an employee leaves their position in that department for which the card was issued, and that all outstanding or relevant receipts have been collected. The account attached to the card must be reconciled in order to facilitate closing the account attached to the card. A backup person must be designated to reconcile the card in the event that the cardholder is unable to.

Please ensure that SPS is informed of the cardholder's name, the account to which the card is attached, and only the last 4 numbers on the card. It is helpful to specify if the cardholder has transferred between units at the university or left Queen's entirely.

To cancel a Queen's Procurement Credit Card (P-Card), first contact Ruth Lappan The physical plastic must be cut in half width-wise, sealed in an envelope and sent to:

Ruth Lappan
Strategic Procurement Services.
Rideau Building, Queen's University
207 Stuart St
Kingston, ON
K7K 3N6

Extended Leave / Sabbatical

It is the responsibility of the department head and the cardholder to ensure Strategic Procurement Services is notified not less than 2 weeks prior to the cardholder leaving the university upon termination of employment, sabbatical, maternity, or parental leave, retirement or any other applicable circumstances.  The card will be cancelled and the individual may apply for a new card upon their return to Queen's University.