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Travel Card

Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) is launching a new travel credit card program to replace the AMEX program.  SPS is excited to launch this new travel credit card under the Scotiabank credit program, currently in place for the university.  The travel card will be a VISA credit card.

Currently, SPS is only accepting applications for the Departmental Travel Card.  More details will be forthcoming on an Individual Travel Card.

Questions regarding the new travel credit card, should be directed to Ruth Lappan @ extension 74236 or email:


Benefits of a Scotiabank Travel Credit Card:

  • Appropriate insurance coverage for rental vehicles (complete insurance coverage for rental vehicles provided through Scotiabank Travel Card)
  • Reduces need for cash advances
  • Removal of some exceptions to PCards for travel related expenses (hotel, rental vehicle, etc.)
  • Departmental Card reconciled through CentreSuite with General Accounting team reviewing for compliance to the Queen’s Travel and Reimbursement Policy
  • Daily feed from Scotiabank to Concur for ease of completing travel reimbursement requests