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Travel Card - Departmental

Effective June 14, 2019, Application and Change Request Forms for Travel Cards – Departmental are available from the acQuire homepage, under Credit Card Forms.

Paper forms will no longer be accepted as of July 1, 2019.

Questions, please contact Rose Fisher at extension 74271 or email:


Applicants and Approving Managers need to be aware that when submitting and/or approving an application, you are consenting to the following statement – note, this is included in the application under Acknowledgements.

For Cardholder (Applicant)

I certify by submitting this application for a TCard, I acknowledge that I have read the Queen’s University Travel Credit Card Policy and Procedure, along with the Queen’s University Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy, in full and agree to abide by the terms set out therein; this brief summary is not a substitute for understanding the terms of the Policies and Procedures.

I understand that the TCard is the property of Queen’s University and is to be used solely for making travel arrangements on behalf of Queen’s University for business purposes.  The TCard is not a personal credit card and is never to be used for personal purchases.

I understand that all receipts and statements must be kept on file for at least seven (7) years, (Research accounts receipts may need to be retained for longer) for tax and auditing purposes.  Furthermore, I understand that I am responsible for seeing that the mandatory monthly reconciliation on my account is done through the credit card provider’s website in order to verify all purchases are legitimate, that they are for University purposes only, the purchases are not from the list of prohibited purchases (please see the Queen’s University Procurement Card Policy and Procedure for more information), adhere to the Queen’s Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy, and that the taxes and transaction amounts are correct.


I understand that if I violate any of the conditions of having a TCard, I will risk losing the use and privilege of this TCard.

I agree that I will keep my TCard number confidential and should the card be lost or stolen or any unauthorized charges appear on my statement, I will immediately notify the credit card provider.


For Approving Manager

I certify by approving this document, I acknowledge that I have signing authority for the default account chartfield which is indicated in this application.  Furthermore, I agree to review or have someone of at least one level above the cardholder review and sign off on all transactions on a monthly basis.