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Events & Workshops

To support the university community, Strategic Procurement Services holds several events throughout the year to ensure departments are supported in their procurement activities.  Below is a list of events that are offered by our team:

Event Frequency Details

acQuire Lunch & Learn Sessions

Monthly: October to March

The 2021 session calendar/catalogue is posted here. Session details and registration will be posted/open two weeks in advance of each session.  All sessions will be held virtually, either via Microsoft Teams or Zoom (details will be communicated ahead of each session).

Wednesday October 21st, 2020 - Let's Talk Suppliers!
Thursday November 19th, 2020 - acQuire Updates and Q&A
Wednesday December 9th, 2020 - Payment Form vs Purchase Requisition
2021 Session Details to Come

To access the session slides, please visit the acQuire Wiki Page.

Session content suggestions for the 2021 season are welcome - please email any to

acQuire Tips & Tricks Sessions

Annually: June

2020 acQuire Tips & Tricks sessions were held during the week of June 1, 2020.  To access the slides and recordings of the sessions, please visit the acQuire Wiki Page.

2021 acQuire Tips & Tricks sessions will be held again in June - announcement on sessions will be released in early May 2021.

SPECIAL Tips & Tricks Session: Purchasing of COVID-19 Supplies

As required

A special Tips & Tricks session was held on June 16, 2020, to provide the Queen's community with guidance on using the tools developed for the purchase of supplies to potentially return employees and/or students to campus.

To access the slides and recording for this special session, please visit the Strategic Procurement Services Wiki Page | COVID-19 related resources.