Strategic Procurement Services

Strategic Procurement Services

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How To Buy...

Below you will find several categories of product and services; please select the product or service type you wish to procure on behalf of your faculty or department. Clicking will take you to specific instructions on how to acquire that particular product or service. The procurement process described will assure that the university will obtain the products and services from the most valuable supplier and at the best price using an ethical and responsible process, taking into account the total cost of ownership.

Before buying new you may want to consider previously used products offered at no costs by other departments/individuals on campus.  These can be accessed by signing up for Freecycle.

Please be advised that many of the prices that you will find through the links on our website have been negotiated strictly for Queen's University. Revealing these prices to competing suppliers or while 'shopping around' is both unethical and illegal.

The Procurement Process

There are several options available to help you procure necessary products and services. It is important to ensure that your purchases are made according to the Procurement Policy process and using the appropriate payment mechanism. For example, items procured for the purposes of business travel (such as train fare, hotel rooms, etc.) should only be paid for with the Corporate Travel card.

The various methods of payment available to Queen's faculty and staff are:

If you are a designated purchaser for your department, please ensure that you are familiar with the procurement process and the payment mechanisms and their appropriate use.

Preferred Suppliers

Queen's University has entered into Vendor of Record agreements with several proponents for the supply of various key goods and services.

Sustainable Procurement

More information on making sustainable procurement choices can be found in the Gaels Go Green - Sustainable Procurement Guidelines hosted by the Sustainability Office.