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Document Storage

Iron Mountain has been selected as the preferred supplier for the external storage of documents through RFP Q-2012-108-EL. The agreement runs from March 1st, 2014 until Feb 29th, 2024 with an option to extend for a further 10 year period.  The service provided is a cradle to grave solution for long term storage and ultimate destruction of University records. 

To leave feedback regarding this commodity or the suppliers listed below please contact Strategic Procurement Services.

Iron Mountain is also our preferred supplier for secure document shredding.

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Supplier Contact Information



Iron Mountain Connect Online Portal


Iron Mountain Canada
1650 A Comstock Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 1B2

Customer Care Issues:

Eric Mueller
Tel: 514-409-0096


  • Iron Mountain will collect records from Queen's on a monthly basis in an effort to keep costs to a minimum.
  • Users will request uplift through an online portal and will be required to apply bar-code labels supplied by Iron Mountain to the boxes before uplift.
  • Full details of the contents of boxes will be entered on the Iron Mountain online portal.
  • It will be mandatory to enter the retention period for the records when completing the request for uplift.
  • Iron Mountain will then collect the boxes from Queen's and take them to their storage facility.
  • Records will be stored for as long as Queen's requires them to be held under the record retention schedule.
  • At the end of the retention period Iron Mountain will notify the owner of the records, in writing, that they need to be destroyed. Destruction will only be carried out upon written receipt from the owner granting permission to destroy the records.

Iron Mountain will provide a next day delivery for requests to return records to Queen's. The request needs to be with Iron Mountain by 3.30 PM. To help keep costs down Iron Mountain has agreed to let Queen's use its own courier for uplift and return of records to Iron Mountain. The preferred courier is UPS to ship either way between Queen's and Iron Mountain's storage facility.

Iron Mountain can supply banker's boxes if required but departments will find it cheaper to buy these from our preferred suppliers of Office SuppliesA standard banker's box of 1.2 cubic feet capacity is the preferred size due to handling issues for the larger boxes.

Payment Method

Iron Mountain will invoice departments on a monthly basis. Payment is to be made using Queen's Purchasing Card.