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Iron Mountain Records Management Service

This service covers the storage of physical records by Iron Mountain and departments will be required to follow the process detailed below to ensure that they are in compliance with the Records Management Program and associated policy;

NOTE: This process is very easy - Queen's Records Management Program Team and Iron Mountain will help you through every step!

  • Only contact Iron Mountain after they have spoken to Strategic Procurement Services and the Records Management Program
  • Receive appropriate training from Iron Mountain for using the Iron Mountain Connect online portal.
  • Request barcode labels from Iron Mountain (Iron Mountain boxes are available with pre-applied barcode labels)
  • Prepare boxes ready for uplift in the format as advised by Records Management Program
  • Input box details into Iron Mountain Data Entry Template and send to Records Management Program to have them confirm that all fields are complete and correct
  • Have the Records Transfer Forms (available on Records Management Program web site) signed by Department Head, Director or Dean and send copy to Records Management Program
  • Where department head requires a disposition date to be greater than that determined by the records retention schedule this will be discussed and agreed upon with Records Management Program.
  • Once Iron Mountain Data Entry form is returned to department it should be sent to Iron Mountain customer service via e-mail
  • Request uplift through the Iron Mountain Connect online portal (Note, after initial period Queen's has agreed on a monthly uplift to help keep transport costs down.)
  • Request file retrieval from Iron Mountain on an as required basis. NOTE - you must ask Iron Mountain to ship by UPS to keep costs down
  • Return files to Iron Mountain in a timely fashion
  • Departmental authorized person will set up an annual records destruction forecast report using Iron Mountain Connect and run this report regularly
  • When notified by Iron Mountain that records have reached their destruction date;
    • Check to make sure that none of the boxes flagged for destruction has files that are currently with Queen's
    • Return withdrawn files to Iron Mountain immediately
    • Within the department, review the list of records flagged for destruction and determine if this should be carried out at this time
    • Notify Records management Program that you have records to be destroyed and obtain a Records Destruction Form. This should be signed by Department Head, Director or Dean and returned to Records Management program
    • On receipt of clearance by Records Management Program to do so, notify Iron Mountain, in writing, that the records should be destroyed
    • File receipt of destruction and send copy to Records Management Program
  • Pay invoices for Iron Mountain services using Queen's Purchasing card