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Getting Started - IT Preferred Suppliers

Two levels of access and Procurement Cards allowed for payment through Queen's Preferred IT Suppliers:

BROWSER ACCESS: Requesting Browser access will enable a user to login in to the supplier's websites, browse products and pricing and create/save shopping carts and quotes.  Individuals requesting Browser access DO NOT need to have a Procurement Card.  Browser access allows those without a Procurement Card to create carts or quotes which can then be shared with individuals in your unit that have Buyer access to complete the purchase using their P-Card or by placing a requisition in PeopleSoft.  This removes the need to share login information or Procurement Card details within a unit.  HANDY TIP: Some supplier's sites (CDW and Dell for example) also allow a Browser to electronically assign saved quotes to another individual with Buyer access to complete the purchase (removing the need for duplicate data entry).

BUYER ACCESS: Requesting Buyer access will enable a user to login in to the supplier's websites, browse products and pricing and create/save shopping carts and quotes.  The Buyer will also be able to checkout and complete purchases using their Procurement Card.  Individuals requesting Buyer access MUST have a Procurement Card. 

  • If you would like access to one of the Queen’s Preferred IT Suppliers go to the following website and download the Queen’s Preferred IT Supplier Access Form.
  • Completed forms can be emailed to
  • Procurement Cards may now be used to purchase IT hardware, accessories and software provided that orders are placed through the Queen's Preferred IT Suppliers per the IT Hardware & Accessories Procurement Card Policy Exemption Memo.  This memo will be required as backup for your IT purchases until such a time that the Procurement Card Policy is revised.
  • In addition, if you wish to increase your single transaction limit from $5,000 to $10,000, for IT purchases from our Preferred IT Suppliers, complete a Procurement Credit Card Change Request Form.  This increase in your single transaction is OPTIONAL and NOT required to access the Preferred IT Suppliers. Completed Change Request Forms can be submitted to the P-Card Program Manager.  If you or anyone in your unit does not have a Procurement Card then one can be requested following the instruction on the Getting a Procurement Card page.
  • Once we have received and approved your completed forms you will be sent login details for each supplier directly via email.  You are now setup to access Queen's Preferred IT Suppliers.
  • For orders over $10,000, quotations should be requested from the vendor and a Purchase Requisition placed through PeopleSoft in the usual way. The number of quotations required for each commodity (based on the value of your purchase) are detailed on the Preferred Supplier pages below.

A copy of the slides used during the Queen's Preferred IT Supplier Information Sessions held in April, 2016 can be downloaded here (pdf format, 1143 KB).

If you have any questions about where to buy IT Hardware & Accessories or who to talk to about getting direct quotes from our Preferred Suppliers you can contact and we will put you in touch with the right contacts.

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