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Queen's University has entered into a Client Supplier Agreement with the suppliers below following an OECM administered RFP 2018-318 for Software Licensing.  These agreements cover many software titles including Adobe products, VMware, Microsoft Project and Visio.  A complete list of titles can be obtained from the supplier.

There were three software categories awarded under these agreements. Category A - Microsoft - Category B - Adobe - Category C - Other. Please see the suppliers who were awarded under each category below and the quoting thresholds for each.

SOFTCHOICE - Category A - Microsoft - B - Adobe & C - Other

CDW - Category C - Other

TeraMach - Category C - Other

Quoting Thresholds for Category A - Microsoft & Category B - Adobe. A single quote is required  for purchases that fall under category A or B.

Quoting Thresholds for Category C - Other. For Purchases under $100,000 CAD only one quote is required from SOFTCHOICE, CDW or TERAMACH. For purchase over $100,000 CAD a quote from each supplier is required.


If you require a single license of an Adobe product(s) (EXCLUDING ADOBE ACROBAT) simply purchase your license directly with Adobe at with a procurement credit card.

For ACROBAT orders please request a quote from Softchoice and enter your requisition through acQuire. (Instructions on downloading and activating Adobe Acrobat after purchase)

If your department requires multiple licenses for Adobe product(s) (EXCLUDING ADOBE ACROBAT) you have the option to set up a VIP account with Softchoice, which provides a discount and allows you to manage all your departmental Adobe requirements. Send an email to QUEENSU@SOFTCHOICE.COM they will help facilitate setting your department up with a VIP account. (Instructions on setting up a VIP account with Adobe)


To leave feedback regarding this commodity or the suppliers listed below please contact Strategic Procurement Services.

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