Strategic Procurement Services

Strategic Procurement Services

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Process for Engaging with a Freelance Photographer

  1. Check the Preferred Supplier List for Photographers
  2. Seek out portfolios for work examples (enquire on campus)
  3. Contact photographer to book initial meeting and give date of engagement and general idea of photo-shoot
  4. To be discussed with photographer:
  • Type of photo shoot (appropriate clothing, etc)
  • Length of photo shoot
  • Type of photography required
  • Photo release forms (Queen’s and Photographer personal )
  • Art direction and assistance on day of shoot by Queen’s staff as required
  • Delivery and turn around time and final images required (format)
  • Image Bank uploading
  1. Book shoot with photographer, ask for written estimate and contract
  2. Confirm invoicing required and PO number if over $5,000
  3. Queen’s has 30 day out invoice pay time line

Completion of a photography contract with Queen’s will grant the holder unlimited usage of the purchased image(s) with no additional fees unless the user fails to properly credit the photographer.

For University offices that hire freelance photographers, Marketing offers a Photo Release Form. This form authorizes Queen’s University to publish the photographs taken for use in university printed publications, websites, social media, and advertising and has approval from photographed subjects for the university to do so. Children are exempt from this photo release. Explicit written permission is required from the child’s parent/guardian. ​