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Car Rental

Queen's has negotiated improved rental rates based on the CAUBO agreement that expires Sept 30th, 2018.

Please make any reservations through the two Queen's specific websites listed below as they automatically load Queen's discounts, terms and conditions.  Please note: online reservations require a credit card.

If you need to book in person or over the phone please quote CD# XVC3310 to get the Queen's rate.

Please Note: if you are making a reservation through a Departmental or Faculty account the renting location may contact that Department or Faculty to confirm your status.  A reservation can still be made using a personal credit card if approval from the Department or Faculty is not available.

These rates are also valid for personal use, you will of course need your own insurance if you are not on Queen's Business.

To leave feedback regarding this commodity or the suppliers listed below please contact Strategic Procurement Services.

Supplier Contact Information


Queen's Enterprise Rentals


Queen's National Rentals

Enterprise Holdings Inc.
Karie Stapley

Business Rental Sales Executive

Tel. 613-274-6946

Cell. 613-558-1110


Queen's Rental Vehicle Insurance Policy Detail


i) collision and comprehensive perils coverage should be purchased from the rental agency if the rental vehicle will also be used for reasons unrelated to university business, or if the vehicle will be also driven by individuals who are not affiliated with the university.

ii) it is not necessary to purchases third party liability insurance on rental cars. The rental agency is required by law to carry this insurance and the cost is included in the rental rate (the University's liability coverage is in excess of that carried by the rental agency).

iii) all drivers, whether employees or not, should be listed on the rental contract. On many rental agreements, only those named on the contract are covered by insurance. Read all agreements carefully.

iv) Insurance coverage applies only to rentals of less than 30 days. If vehicles are to be leased for periods greater than 30 days, contact Risk and Safety Services  at (613) 533-2005 or email to arrange for appropriate coverage.

v) Report all accidents immediately to Bryan McGann, Insurance and Risk Manager, Risk and Safety Services at (613-533-6000 Ext: 74322)