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UPDATE: March 19th, 2019

Click here for an update from TAHOCO Logistics (A Division of Thompson Ahern International)


All Shipments entering Canada must be cleared through Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) prior to their delivery to the university. Personal shipments are not to be addressed to the university.

For customs purposes, a Commercial Invoice is to be attached to the carrier's waybill. The vendor must reference Queen's University's purchase order number and/or chartfield numbers on the invoice along with the Country of Origin for each item. (The country of origin refers to the country in which the item was manufactured, not just where the item is coming from. (e.g., the country of origin is not Canada unless the item was made in Canada.)

You must have the shipper indicate your chartfield in the reference field of the waybill. (fund-department-account (program, class, project) if applicable, i.e. xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)



When you are shipping internationally, you must complete an export documentation questionnaire to ensure the correct export paperwork can be created. There is a three-day processing time. Please fax your request to the Queen's Customs and Traffic Coordinator @ 533-2579.

If you are ordering a large piece of equipment, it should be delivered by truck. The account number is listed below.

A commercial invoice must accompany all international shipments. A copy of this invoice must also be faxed to the Customs and Traffic Coordinator @ 613 533-2579 to the attention of Ruth Lappan.

Thompson Ahearn & Co., Ltd. is Queens University's customs broker. They will clear all shipments for Queens University. Thompson Ahearn invoices GST on international shipments. If there are duty charges, Thompson Ahearn invoices Queen's University for these as well. Contact information for the broker is: 

Head Office Customs Analyst - for day to day shipment processing:  Account Representative: Bob Faulkner 905 677 3471 ext.5435

Emergency After Hours: 416 709 3085

The following are some of the accounts we have opened with various shipping companies. Please contact Strategic Procurement Services for shipping company account numbers.

Couriers DO NOT deliver to a P.O. box! You must have a street address indicated on your waybill,  with a phone number  for the courier to touch base with receiver.


YOU MUST OBTAIN A USERID AND PASSWORD to ship online with the courier by contacting the customs and Traffic Coordinator.

You also must indicate your chartfield in the reference field when shipping on line i.e. xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-0-0-0 for the charges to be charged to the correct account.

When ordering Internationally please tell the Vendor to indicate your chartfield in the reference field of the waybill for billing purposes. As well tell the Vendor to indicate "Custom Clearance by Thompson, Ahern" on the commercial invoice.

 Company Name  Telephone
Air Canada Cargo  1- 800-387-4865
Federal Express  1- 800-463-3339
TST Overland Express (truck) (Formerly Kingsway)  1- 888-878-9229
United Parcel Services (UPS)  1- 800-742-5877


UPS LogoUPS CampusShip, which offers flexible shipping and cost reporting tools to help allocate costs appropriately.

UPS, known for dependable delivery and its global presence, has developed a new, Web-based shipping solution that allows you to prepare your shipments quickly and easily without leaving your desk. With just a few clicks your computer will become a desktop shipping center complete with a customizable address book. Labels can be printed on your laser printer. UPS Campus Ship  will also allow you to easily track your packages from your computer at the click of a button.

If you require a UPS account please contact Ruth Lappan @ 74236 or

DO NOT call the couriers 800 number or go on to the couriers website to set up an account. Calling the 800 number or going directly to the couriers website to set up an account will result in non-contracting pricing.