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Exporting to Venezuela - New Customs Regulations

As per the new Venezuela customs regulations effective January 19, 2015, shippers and consignees must be aware of the following changes:

  • Any Broker Select Option (BSO) or formal shipments (shipments with a customs declared value above $2000 USD) will require a new Power of Attorney (POA) signed by the consignee if a POA is not already on file with customs. A POA is not required for shipments under $2000 USD if they are not considered BSO/Formal.
  • Commodities requiring any licenses/permits will require the license/permit to be issued at least 25 working days before the date of arrival of the shipment. Licenses/permits that are issued less than 25 working days before the date of arrival of the shipment may not be accepted. Below is the list of commodities that have a higher tendency of being subject to licenses/permits.
  • SENCAMER Permit:  
    • Used clothing (not required for personal effects)
    • Finished textiles (samples that are not mutilated)
    • Footwear
    • Vehicles parts (windshield, brakes)
    • Sanitary Permit:  
      • Food and beverages
      • Products containing animal or vegetable origin
      • Cosmetics
      • Pharmaceutical products
      • Medicine

It is strongly recommended that prior to shipping any BSO/Formal shipments or commodities requiring a license/permit, shippers contact their consignees in Venezuela to ensure their shipments comply with the new regulations.

Shipments that do not comply with the new regulations may be returned to the shipper at the shipper’s expense; experience clearance delays, and/or are subject to fine and penalties.

The information provided above may change without notice depending on Venezuela Customs interpretation or further regulation of the new Customs Statute.


SENIAT – Venezuela Customs


If you have questions please contact the Queen's Customs and Traffic Coordinator, Ruth Lappan ( or x74236)