Online Ordering System

Order your departmental letterhead, #10 and #10 window envelopes, business cards... online.  The system also allows you to order other generic Queen's stationery items such as Queen's Kraft envelopes of various sizes, test booklets, etc.

Orders can be submitted through the designated user(s) or administrator(s) for your department.

If your department has no designated user/administrator please contact Gilmore Printing or Printing Services and you will be assigned a user name and password to access the online ordering system. It is the decision of each department whether this access info is shared within the department or not.

When using the online ordering System, please consider the following:

Queen's Style

To comply with Queen's Visual Identity style, and to save space, please do not put periods nor spaces in any degree. For example use "BA", not "B.A." nor "B. A." nor "B A".

Please use "and" rather than an ampersand ("&")

Degrees (business cards)

Keep multiple degrees together as a group on the same line:

  • If your degrees will fit on the first line with your name: type a "comma", then type your degrees
  • If you have multiple degrees and they do not fit on the first line with your name: press "enter", then type your degrees

Filling in fields

Please note that all fields are not mandatory.  For example, if space is an issue, you may not need to populate "Street Address".

Non-standard items

Every effort has been made to provide templates accommodating the widest range of users while maintaining a standard that fits within Queen's Visual Identity.

If your required information does not fit properly, please contact

Pieces received through the online system are monitored for fit and style and in cases where items do not not appear to be correct, customers with be contacted by Printing Services with suggestions for required modifications.

Queen's Visual Identity Guide

When using the online ordering system, users should consult the Queen's Visual Identity Guide.