Printing Services Process

Both Queen's Printing Services and its supporting partner, Gilmore Printing, take their responsibilities to the environment very seriously.  Gilmore Printing is an ISO, FSC, ECO and Greenworks certified company, and as such conducts its operation in the most environmentally conscious manner possible.

Free Quotes and Estimates

Queens University follows the Broader Public Sector Buying Thresholds: Please consult before starting your project.

Free quotations are offered on print jobs.

For orders <$99,999 please contact Scott Love at

For orders >$100,000 please contact Christine Datta at

Online Ordering System

Order your departmental letterhead, business cards, #10 and #10 window envelopes or generic Queen's stationary online.

Orders can be submitted through the designated user(s) or administrator(s) for your department.

If your department has no designated user(s)/administrator(s), please contact and you will be assigned a username and password to access the online ordering system. It is the decision of each department whether this access is shared within the department or not.

File Formats

The best method for sending files is simply as an email attachment to

Files also accepted from a USB key.

Preference is that files be converted to PDF prior to sending, as this ensures that there are no changes in the file format during transmission.  Though PDF files are preferred, users are not limited to PDF files exclusively.

It is recommended that colour files be created in CMYK for best results rather than RGB, and of a resolution value of 600DPI.  There is no charge for opening your files. 

Delivery and Payment

Because every printing request varies in its complexity, it is sometimes difficult to predict how long a job will take to complete.

Most simple photocopying requests can be completed from 24 to 72 hours, and in some cases in the same day, when necessary.  More complex requests can usually be completed in 5 to 10 working days depending on the specifications of the job. 

Your printing request can be submitted to , that includes job specifications, a detailed delivery address and date required.  Please consult with Christine Datta, if an alternate method of payment is required.

Note, there is no charge for delivery to Queen's University Campus.

Queen's University Strategic Procurement Services:

Christine Datta
Tel. (613) 533-2236 or ext. 32236


Queen's Printing Services by Gilmore:

Tel. (613) 533-6600 or ext. 77374



Gilmore Printing Services:

Scott Love, Customer Sales Representative
Tel. (800) 795-6661 | Cell (613) 868-4288