A Life-Changing Opportunity: Introducing The Promise Campaign

A three-year initiative to dismantle the financial barriers that prevent promising students from attending Queen's.

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A comprehensive bursary that is the first of its kind in Canada.

At the heart of the Promise Campaign is the Queen’s Promise Scholars program, a comprehensive bursary that aims to increase access for first-generation students from low-income families who could not otherwise afford to attend Queen’s. The program provides undergraduate students with dedicated financial, academic, and career support, enabling them to complete an undergraduate degree debt-free.

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More Financial Support for Students

Right now 36.3% of all Queen’s students receive financial aid, and 22% of all Queen’s students qualified for a needs-based bursary. More often than not, though, this financial aid leaves important expenses uncovered.

A $5,000 grant, scholarship, or bursary, for example, can make a world of difference to a student from a middle-income home, but it is rarely enough to meet the needs of lower-income students. As a result, students from low-income families must either take on jobs or loans to cover the difference or forego a Queen’s education in favour of an option closer to home.

You can create opportunities for these promising students by creating new awards or contributing to existing ones.