Provost’s Advisory Search Committee: Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator 

I. Background

The university has for some time been working to develop programs and initiatives that address and prevent sexual misconduct. To support this work, and in response to the recommendations of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group, a Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator has been established to manage sexual assault prevention, education, and response services at Queen's. In their role, the coordinator will act as a central point of contact for Queen’s community members who have concerns related to sexual violence and will coordinate response, prevention and support protocols as well as lead the development of educational tools to increase awareness of sexual assault prevention strategies and resources. 

To assist in the search process for this position, an advisory committee has been established to advise the Provost on the selection of a Sexual Violence Prevention Strategies and Response Coordinator.

Further work to implement the recommendations of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group will continue to be overseen by the Implementation Team on Prevention and Response to Sexual Assault

II. Membership



M. Acreman​

Director, Student Wellness Services

I. Bujara

University Advisor on Equity & Human Rights 

J. Christie

Data and Administration, Equity Office 

C. Gummo​

Assistant Director, Sexual Health Resource Centre

J. Hill

Director, Four Directions Student Centre

M. Jefferies

Detective, Kingston Police

N. Sawaya Fehr​

Residence Outreach Counsellor

S. Simpson

Associate Director, Human Rights Office


Vice-Provost & Dean of Student Affairs

M. Young


Chair: Irène Bujara​
Secretary: Jill Christie