Equity, Anti-Racism and Decolonization in Global Engagement

This session by Dr. Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser University) and Stephanie Simpson (Queen’s University), recorded on January 21, 2021, addresses the concepts of equity, anti-racism, Indigenization and decolonization in the context of international education and global engagement.

The session explores the colonial roots of higher education and the power structures that still uphold our global engagement strategies. Dr. Beck's presentation also asks how we can work towards reciprocal, relational and equitable partnerships that make space for a diversity of ways of being, knowing and learning. The presentation portion ends by reflecting on how we might apply these concepts to the ongoing internationalization review that is currently underway at Queen’s.

To conclude the event, Stephanie Simpson leads a discussion, response and question and answer session.


About the speakers


Dr. Kumari Beck

Dr. Kumari Beck is Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on International Education, both in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia.

She has been a faculty member at Simon Fraser University since 2000. Dr. Beck obtained a BA (Honours) in English from the University of Sri Lanka in 1979, an MA in Education (Curriculum Instruction) from SFU in 2001, and a PhD in Curriculum Theory and Implementation from SFU in 2008.

Dr. Beck’s primary area of research is internationalization of higher education. Her research interests span international education, internationalization of curriculum, social education, anti-racist and multicultural education, globalization, postcolonial theory, pedagogy in post-secondary institutions, and the ethics of care.

She teaches courses on intercultural and international education, contemporary issues in curriculum, multicultural and anti-racist education, the politics of difference, secondary social studies, and teaching for social justice (with the Professional Development Program).


Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson is Associate Vice Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion) at Queen’s University. In this role, Stephanie leads the Human Rights and Equity Office and plays a key role in fostering both competence and legislative compliance around matters such as inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, human rights, and equity on Queen’s campus.

Stephanie holds a BA (Honours), B.Ed., M.Ed. and LLM from Queen’s. During her academic career she was active as a student in the African Caribbean Students Association, the Southern Africa Solidarity Group, and was a founding member of the Queen's Black History Collective. An engaged community member, she is a founding member and past Co-ordinator of Black History Month Kingston and is a longstanding member of the Black Inmates and Friends Assembly. Stephanie currently represents Queen's on the Kingston Immigration Partnership Operations Committee and is past Chair of the Board of Directors of Kingston Employment and Youth Services.

Stephanie is a sought after speaker on issues related to anti-racism, anti-oppression, social justice and domestic human rights. She has provided consultation and education services to a wide range of community partners and has been a well-respected leader on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Queen’s for many years.