Cyclical Program Review

Queen's Quality Assurance Processes require that each academic program be reviewed at least once every eight years. Cyclical Program Reviews (CPRs) are essential to ensuring all academic programs, scholarship and research meet the university's standards for academic excellence. These reviews provide an opportunity to academic units to reassess program strengths and areas for improvement, as well as evaluate and update their program's degree level expectations (DLEs) and discipline-specific learning outcomes.

Once complete, executive summaries of all cyclical reviews are posted on the Office of the Provost website. These summaries include an implementation plan which each unit receives at the end of its review. The provost, together with faculty deans, monitors units’ progress in responding to the points raised in the review. 

Detailed information on the cyclical program review process can be found on the Cyclical Program Review Resources page. The School of Graduate Studies website also contains helpful information for cyclical reviews of graduate programs.