Final Assessment Reports

Department of Mathematics and Statistics    
Department of Biology
Industrial Relations
Department of Chemistry (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Economics (PDF, 206 KB)
Undergraduate Medical Education (PDF, 228 KB)
Department of Music (PDF, 416 KB)
Department of Psychology (PDF, 519)
Department of Philosophy (PDF, 246)
Political Studies
Cultural Studies Programs (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (PDF, 307 KB)
School of Environmental Studies Programs (PDF, 307 KB)
Faculty of Law Programs (PDF, 307 KB)
Fine Art Program (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Geography and Planning (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Global Development Studies (PDF, 307 KB)
Jewish Studies Program (PDF, 307 KB)
Department of Art History and Art Conservation (PDF, 106 KB)
Department of Film and Media (PDF, 380 KB)
Department of Gender Studies (PDF, 317 KB)
Department of Physics (PDF, 322 KB)
Queen's School of Business (PDF, 302 KB)
School of Computing (PDF, 331 KB)
Department of History (PDF, 333 KB)
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (PDF, 341 KB)
Department of Neuroscience (PDF, 319 KB)
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies (PDF, 323 KB)
School of Rehabilitation Therapy (PDF, 341 KB)
Department of Sociology (PDF, 331 KB)
Collaborative Program in Cancer Research and the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine (PDF, 124 KB)
Drama (PDF, 85 KB)
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering (PDF, 83 KB)
Life Sciences and Biochemistry (PDF, 109 KB)
Nuclear Engineering (PDF, 89 KB)
Public Health Sciences (PDF, 91 KB)
School of Religion (PDF, 81 KB)
Education (PDF, 84 KB)
English Language and Literature (PDF, 80 KB)
French Studies (PDF, 79 KB)
Professional Master and Master of Public Administration Programs (PDF, 80 KB)
School of Nursing (PDF, 81 KB)
Classics (PDF, 88 KB)